Emerging Leaders InterMISSION 2019

Since 2013, the Emerging Leaders Program has cultivated 21st century leadership skills and fostered the radical imagination of 75 emerging community leaders. By leveraging their unique assets, the program has created pathways to civic and public decision making tables in the Mahoning Valley.
Building on this momentum, this fall we will launch Emerging Leaders InterMISSION, a year-long mission to engage program alumni in focused reflection, personal and professional development and community-building. InterMISSION will be a moment for alumni to step back, center and activate their talent, wisdom and passion to produce authentic, lasting change in the Valley.



Q. Why InterMISSION?

A. The Foundation is committed to the long-term development and success of Emerging Leaders Program alumni, InterMISSION is a strategic effort to honor and actualize that commitment.


Q. Will there be a new Emerging Leaders cohort in 2019?

A. 2019 will have laser focus on the growth and development of Emerging Leaders Program alumni. The Emerging Leaders Program will resume with a new cohort in the fall of 2020.


Q. Who can participate in InterMISSION?

A. Alumni of the 2013-2018 Emerging Leaders Program who actively communicate and participate in alumni and Foundation events and have a current alumni portal profile.


Updates and opportunities for the community to engage with alumni members through InterMISSION coming soon!

The Program

Emerging Leaders leverages the unique assets of emerging leaders from Warren and Youngstown to create pathways to decision making tables in the Mahoning Valley. The program uses a small group model to explore and cultivate 21st century leadership skills and foster radical imagination among participants.

The People

Emerging Leaders are diverse residents of the urban core of the Mahoning Valley, primarily Warren and Youngstown, who are currently engaged in grassroots initiatives in the community and are seeking to develop and actualize their leadership potential.

The Proof

To date, 75 Emerging Leaders have completed the program. The Emerging Leader Alumni Association has over 50 active members and a newly created online Connection Portal. Alumni acknowledge their Emerging Leader experience:

  • Increased confidence to pursue and achieve promotions and complete college degree programs
  • Opened doors to knowledge, people and resources that exist in the community
  • Developed the ability to apply a racial equity and inclusion lens to their life and work
  • Equipped them to disrupt the status quo and change the Valley’s leadership composition and structure through board, coalition, task force and committee leadership roles
  • Inspired and supported entrepreneurial exploration, deeper civic engagement and non-profit capacity building