2019 Announcment Coming Soon.

The Process

Interested persons submit an application including references and attend a ‘Getting to Know You’ event where they can engage with Emerging Leader alumni and Foundation board and staff. A selection committee comprised of Emerging Leader alumni of all cohorts, along with the Program Officer and Capacity Building Officer, review and rate applications and select up to 20 Warren and Youngstown participants 18 or older who are:

  • Ready to influence others at the decision making tables in the Valley.
  • Believe real, lasting change must be achieved at the system level and are willing to disrupt the status quo.
  • Are willing to make a long-term commitment to personal leadership development and change.

People We Need to Know

If you are or know Warren or Youngstown residents who are making a difference in their neighborhoods and communities and would make good candidates for this program, contact the Foundation offices.