Neighborhood SUCCESS, a program of The Raymond John Wean Foundation, supports grassroots groups in Warren and Youngstown with the most promising efforts to address Resident Identified Priorities and:

  • Center race equity and inclusion in the design, implementation and impact of the work
  • Expand meaningful participation and leadership of residents closest to the challenge
  • Build community by encouraging communication, collaboration and connection among residents and organizations
  • Leverage financial, human and material resources that exist in the community

Resident Identified Priorities

Recently, The Raymond John Wean Foundation engaged in an 18-month planning and learning process resulting in its comprehensive Strategic Direction: 2019 – 2023. As a first step in the implementation of the plan, the Foundation conducted a stakeholder survey to learn from residents and grantees what they experience as the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the neighborhoods we serve. The results will directly inform the Foundation’s grantmaking, capacity building and convening and partnerships through 2023.

Neighborhood SUCCESS grantees who responded to the community survey identified neighborhood priorities including:

  • Race equity and inclusion
  • Blight remediation and housing conditions
  • Job training and entrepreneur development
  • Food security and healthy food access
  • Youth employment, training and recreation
  • Neighborhood safety
  • Community cohesion and unity
  • Digital inclusion
  • Effective and accountable government and civic leadership


The Foundation has focused considerable support toward critical efforts to revitalize the underresourced communities of Warren and Youngstown in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley. Along with a comprehensive organizing effort in 2007, the Foundation introduced the Neighborhood SUCCESS Grants program.

Using a grassroots grantmaking program in the region as a model, this effort was intended to provide support to resident-driven projects that had the potential to improve the quality of life in Warren and Youngstown neighborhoods. Groups of residents, as well as neighborhood-based organizations were encouraged to submit applications for small community development projects that built on the assets and resources that existed in their neighborhoods.