Neighborhood SUCCESS, a program of The Raymond John Wean Foundation, supports grassroots groups in Warren and Youngstown with the most promising efforts to:

  • Center race equity and inclusion in the design, implementation and impact of the work
  • Expand meaningful participation and leadership of residents closest to the challenge
  • Build community by encouraging communication, collaboration and connection among residents and organizations
  • Leverage financial, human and material resources that exist in the community
  • Address Resident Identified Priorities
    • Race equity and inclusion
    • Blight remediation and housing conditions
    • Job training and entrepreneur development
    • Food security and healthy food access
    • Youth employment, training and recreation
    • Neighborhood safety
    • Community cohesion and unity
    • Digital inclusion
    • Effective and accountable government and civic leadership

COVID Response

For 2021 the Neighborhood SUCCESS Grants Program has been adapted to be responsive to the pandemic, and the additional fall 2021 round will include a streamlined application process, on-demand grantseeker orientation and an expedited review process. Within the Resident Identified Priorities above, requests will be considered for:

  • COVID Stabilization – efforts related to overcoming challenges caused or made worse by the pandemic.
  • Program/Operations – resources to bolster organization operations or programs.

Application Process

Beginning August 31, applications will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on September 21, and reviewed by the Resident Council. Organizations may only receive one Neighborhood SUCCESS Grant per year. If an application was unsuccessful during the spring 2021 round, it can be amended and submitted for consideration at this time.

Applications must be submitted through the Foundation’s application portal, Submittable.


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