Check back fall 2020 for the next round of funding!

Grant Awards – $500 to $5,000

  • There is one grantmaking cycle per year.
  • Organizations may receive one grant per 12-month funding cycle.
  • A maximum of 30 projects will be funded each year.

Grantseeker Orientation

At least one representative, ideally the primary or secondary contact person of the group/organization seeking funding consideration, is required to attend a Grantseeker Orientation Session prior to application submission. The orientation supports potential grantees in the application process and provides an opportunity to connect with Foundation staff and peer groups. Grantseekers must attend annually to maintain eligibility.

Technical Assistance

Grantseekers are strongly encouraged to meet with staff and Resident Council members for an in-depth technical review of their Neighborhood SUCCESS Grants application prior to submission. Upwards of 75% of grantseekers who participate in Technical Assistance opportunities receive funding. Multiple dates at convenient locations are shared at the Grantseeker Orientations.


Applications must be submitted electronically through the Foundation’s application portal.  Calls, paper applications and emails will not be accepted.

Required Match

Grantseekers are required to match the amount they are seeking with contributions that may include:

  • Volunteer labor
  • Cash received, on-hand and designated for specific project
  • In-Kind donations of goods and services

Resident Council Review 

The Resident Council, consisting of area residents, represents the diverse cultures and ideas expressed in the community. The Resident Council reviews grant applications based on program established criteria and goals as well as supporting documentation, including quotes, estimates and letters of support.

Grantseeker Learning Conversations 

In order to learn more about your group and project the Resident Council may schedule a learning conversation as a part of their review process. Learning conversations are up to 30 minutes in duration and provide an opportunity for group leaders and key project leaders and partners to engage with a small group of Resident Council members around their project and neighborhood. Grantseekers should be responsive to invitations for a conversation as well as a request for additional information.

Award Decision 

Grantseekers will be notified of award decisions within six weeks of the application deadline.