The Foundation believes that a healthy community is one where residents are engaged, civic organizations are operating at a level of excellence and there are strong networks within the community that form alliances around shared interests and ambitions.

To achieve greater impact in our grantmaking, the Foundation focuses support on efforts aligned with our mission and values within the strategic priorities of:

Community Revitalization

Economic Opportunity

Educational Opportunity

Public Sector Leadership

Within our strategic priorities, our grantmaking programs include:

Community Investment Grants

Central to the Wean Foundation’s work is the guiding principle that resident engagement is essential for authentic, lasting change to occur.

We will consider support of integrated, equitable solutions enhancing the quality of life in the Mahoning Valley.

Learn more about our Community Investment Grants.

Neighborhood SUCCESS Grants

Grants of $500 to $5000 awarded to support grassroots groups with the most promising projects to:

  • Expand meaningful resident participation and leadership
  • Encourage communication and collaboration among residents and organizations
  • Build on the financial, human and material resources that exist in the community
  • Enhance neighborhoods – physically, socially or economically

Learn more about our Neighborhood SUCCESS Grants.