(December 11, 2013, Warren, Ohio) At its December board meeting, The Raymond John Wean Foundation announced $950,000 in new grants to three of their ‘Strategic Partners’ in the Mahoning Valley. Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative (MVOC), Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation (YNDC) and Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (TNP) will receive continued support in 2014 to engage residents and cultivate leaders, build the capacity of community organizations and encourage collaborative efforts and impact.

“The support of The Raymond John Wean Foundation has been critical to the emergence of sustainable, resident-driven change in the Mahoning Valley,” explained Heather McMahon, MVOC Executive Director. “As a ‘Strategic Partner’ in training and developing grassroots leaders, ensuring that their voices are heard in our democratic process, and moving structural change locally and across the state, we simply could not work at the capacity we do without the committed support of the Foundation.”

“With the Foundation’s prior support, these three ‘Strategic Partners’ have recorded meaningful achievements from leveraging financial support to coordinating services and collaborating with community partners keeping resident engagement central to their work,” said Jennifer Roller, Acting President for the Foundation. “As shared values of the Foundation, we are proud to encourage and support these initiatives.”

The resident-focused efforts of MVOC, YNDC and TNP support the Foundation’s issue priority of community revitalization.

“Our vision is to create a healthy, vibrant and economically stable Mahoning Valley with equal opportunity for all,” said Roller.

MVOC was awarded $400,000 over the next year, supporting their commitment to identifying and developing grassroots leaders, cultivating healthy neighborhoods, and building the capacity necessary to create sustainable change in our community.

YNDC, a multifaceted neighborhood development organization, was awarded $350,000 over the next year to continue its strategic reinvestment in Youngstown’s neighborhoods.

TNP, which aims to empower residents and promote sustainable community development through projects and programs that increase the quality of life in Warren’s neighborhoods, was awarded $200,000 over the next year.