(June 1, 2018, Warren, Ohio) – The Raymond John Wean Foundation announced this week that
Program Associate Nan Wilkoff was selected for the Next Gen Fellowship with Exponent Philanthropy, the country’s largest association of funders.

Exponent Philanthropy, whose stated mission is to create “a better world through informed,
passionate philanthropy,” created the Next Gen Fellows Program to develop the next generation
of foundation leadership. Crafted with a focus on peer networking and in-depth learning, Next
Gen is a six-month program that includes mentorship from experienced practitioners and field
leaders, a focus on best practices and emerging trends, and a personalized learning agenda for
each participant.

Wilkoff, who plays a significant role in supporting the Foundation’s grants administration and
Neighborhood SUCCESS Grant Program (Neighborhood SUCCESS), noted her interest in the
Fellowship as a way to further develop in the key concepts of grantmaking and to deepen her
leadership skills to advance the goals of Neighborhood SUCCESS.

Neighborhood SUCCESS, supports grassroots groups to enhance Youngstown and Warren’s
neighborhoods building on the financial, human and material resources in the community through
collaboration, communication and leadership. Among Wilkoff’s program responsibilities are grant
review, community leadership engagement and research to support grant decisions.
Wilkoff, a three-year employee of the Wean Foundation, received her Bachelor of Arts degree at
Rajamangala University in Thailand. She noted in her application that she was proud of having
“fallen into philanthropy,” enjoying a career in a field where information, resources and people
collaborate to better a community.

“The most enjoyable experience in philanthropy is to learn that there are groups of people who
are willing to help one another without expecting something in return either through the
improvement of the community, or the satisfaction of having contributed to a greater good,”
Wilkoff stated.